ALL appointments for the time being will be conducted via TeleHealth. Hate has no home here. Racism and discrimination have no place in our practice. We support the BIPOC community and efforts to create positive sustainable changes in our world. **As of 10/1/20 Harvard Pilgrim and United Behavioral Health are no longer waiving cost shares.**

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Green Activities

Commonwealth Psychology Associates® (CPA) is dedicated not only to serving our clients and community, but also to preserving our planet and natural resources.

We are a green company and we take steps to conserve energy and resources whenever possible. Our efforts have been successful and between 2009-2013 we:
  • Recycled over 17,000 pounds of paper (enough to save approximately 144 trees)
  • Recycled 2,950 pounds of plastic, glass and aluminum (otherwise bound for a landfill)
  • Prevented 9.59 metric tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere (equivalent of over 980 gallons of gasoline being used by a passenger car)

CPA has paid over $12,000 for recycling services during that time period.

Below is a listing of some of the Green practices employed by CPA and all of its Green staff!

Reduce, Recycle & Re-use

  • Recycling of paper
  • Recycling of plastic
  • Recycling of aluminum
  • Recycling of glass
  • Recycling of printer cartridges
  • Recycling of compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFL’s)
  • Recycling of small electronics
  • Use of recycled paper
  • Letterhead printed on recycled paper
  • Brochures printed on recycled paper

Energy Consumption

  • Use of programable thermostats
  • Use of motion-sensing light switches and dimmers
  • Use of solar shades to limit solar heat via windows
  • Multi-zone heating & cooling
  • Use of CFL’s and fluorescent lighting
  • Turn off computers when closed
  • All offices located within walking distance to public transportation
  • Financial incentive for staff to use public transportation
  • Company Zipcar discount to encourage ride sharing
  • 80% of staff walk, bike or use public transportation to get to work
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