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Therapy & Counseling Services Near Needham

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Counseling Services Close To Needham, MA and Online

Whether onsite or online, we offer evidence-based psychological & psychiatric services designed to help our clients lead more fulfilling, productive, and healthy lives.

The standard in behavioral health since 2004, Commonwealth Psychology Associates® (CPA) is a unique, multi-specialty psychological counseling and behavioral health center dedicated to providing state of the art assessment, treatment, and consultation in four office locations across Newton and Boston, MA.

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one-on-one counseling services close to Needham, MAOur team of doctoral-level adult and child psychologists, neuropsychologists, and psychiatrists offer excellent credentials, extensive clinical experience, and knowledge of the most effective therapeutic and assessment techniques. Clients who see a clinician in any one of our specialty areas can be assured of a comprehensive review of their needs and appropriate referrals to follow-up services if needed. Our multi-disciplinary team approach assures that each client’s care is highly personalized to meet his or her individual goals.

We invite you to call us at (617) 259-1895 or contact us online for more information or to request an appointment.

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About Commonwealth Psychology Associates®

Since 2004, Commonwealth Psychology Associates® (CPA) has helped Needham clients lead happier and healthier lives. Our practice treats a wide range of behavioral health issues and we strive to provide each patient with individualized treatment in a safe, warm environment.

Our main areas of specialty include:

Needham Online Counseling & Psychiatry Consultations with Certified Clinicians
Psychiatry & Medication Management
Pregnancy & Post-Partum Psychiatric Treatment
Adolescent & Child Therapy
Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in the Needham Area
ADHD Testing & Treatment for Needham Adults & Teens
Psychological & Personality Testing for Teenagers & Adults
Autism Evaluations for Adults & Adolescents
Behavioral Medicine
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)
Biofeedback and Stress Management Near Needham
How Can We Help With Career Assessment and Consulting?
Individual & Couples Therapy
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Needham Online Counseling & Psychiatry Consultations with Certified Clinicians

Commonwealth Psychology Associates® has actually been providing TeleHealth Online Virtual Visits for behavioral health services since 2018. This makes it possible for people in Needham and all over MA to obtain top notch help from the same highly trained accredited clinical team that treat our in-office clients.

Online Virtual Visits are a terrific option for those that can’t travel to our offices as a result of location, transport, disabilities, job and child care schedules, etc. Please note that you must be physically located in Massachusetts during your appointment to satisfy licensing and insurance coverage requirements.

There are three main requirements for Online Virtual Visits. Our Needham TelePsych clients will require:

– A desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and microphone (We do not suggest using a phone or tablet – they seem to trigger hiccups).
– A strong internet connection.
– A private area that is quiet where you will be uninterrupted.

Most insurers cover TeleHealth Online Virtual Visits. Our staff will certainly verify your benefits.

Psychiatry & Medication Management

We can conduct an evaluation to determine if psychiatric medication may be right for you and work with you to manage your medication schedule.

Pregnancy & Post-Partum Psychiatric Treatment

The transition to motherhood often involves a wide range of strong emotions. Our clinicians who specialize in post-partum depression are here to help in a caring setting. We also provide medication guidance for pregnant women and new moms who are already taking prescriptions for existing conditions.

Adolescent & Child Therapy

Childhood and adolescence may involve life changes and challenges that can put emotional strain on a young person. Our team of children’s therapists understand this and are specially trained to counsel children about their concerns with compassion.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in the Needham Area

We can assess children ages eight and older who may be experiencing challenges that are affecting their behavioral, emotional, and academic well-being and recommend the best courses of treatment that may include therapy and medication.

ADHD Testing & Treatment for Needham Adults & Teens

Both adolescents and adults can be affected by ADHD. Teenagers with undetected ADHD often grow into adults that continue to struggle with it in their daily lives. We can test young people 16 and older and adults for ADHD with a non-invasive neuropsychological evaluation which measures attention and other cognitive functions. Based on the findings, we can develop a treatment plan to help our clients perform their best at school and work.

Neuropsychological Evaluations, Psychological & Personality Testing for Teenagers & Adults

Psychological and personality testing includes using tools to measure a client’s cognitive, personality, and emotional functioning. It is often used as a first step in the treatment process as it can highlight areas of concern or strength to map out a treatment plan.

  • Social, emotional, and cognitive assessments are available for teenagers ages 16+ who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, and/or academic challenges.
  • Psychological and neuropsychological testing may help college students with limited behavioral health resources on campus expedite the process of identifying the root of their behavioral, emotional, or academic struggles to create a plan to remove barriers to positive change and improved functioning.

Autism Evaluations for Adults & Adolescents

Many adults on the autism spectrum were never tested as children or teens. We can screen adolescents and adults for autism spectrum disorders using the ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, 2nd Edition,) which measures individuals on social interaction, language skills, and other relevant cognitive functions.

Behavioral Medicine

Our emotional health can have a real impact on our physical health and may even exacerbate existing health issues. That’s where behavioral medicine comes in. At CPA, our health psychologists use numerous techniques and approaches to help clients improve their overall health and feel their best.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I)

Without proper sleep, we may have difficulting concentrating and our daily lives may suffer. If you’ve been having problems sleeping, cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia may be able to help. It involves resetting your thoughts and behaviors around sleep to reduce worry and stress, which may calm your mind and body for deeper, more satisfying sleep.

Biofeedback and Stress Management Near Needham

Biofeedback is a non-invasive process that can show clients visual feedback of how stress manifests in their bodies. The assessment places sensors on specific parts of the body to measure physical reactions to stress. This helps us develop an action plan to identify your stress triggers and help you manage stress in your daily life better.

How Can We Help With Career Assessment and Consulting?

Part of helping our clients live happier and healthier lives includes providing guidance for their career goals. Unhappiness in a job or chosen profession can have a profound effect on emotional health. At CPA, we can assess a client’s personal goals, passions, and skills to determine potential career paths to take.

Individual & Couples Therapy

Sometimes couples need a safe and constructive environment to work through conflict and challenges in their relationship. We provide therapy sessions to individuals and couples who are navigating difficult times or are seeking to learn skills to build a solid foundation.

Contact Us For an Appointment In One Of Our Clinics Near Needham, MA

If you’re ready to learn more about CPA and our behavioral health services, contact us to request an appointment.

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About Needham, MA

Needham is a quiet little suburb in Norfolk County, Massachusetts. With a population of about 29,000 people, the town is home to the Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering. As you’d expect with a town known for its academic institution, Needham is home to some of the brightest academics of our time. Thomas Huckle Weller, Ananda Coomaraswamy, and Nelson Goodman are some of the world famous and academics, and Nobel Prize winners to live in the town.

Like many other suburbs in Eastern Massachusetts, Needham has a high living standard as well as high housing prices. A large percentage of residents work in finance and technical fields of engineering and research. When it comes to fun and adventure, Needham has no shortage of attractions. The Cutler Park Reservation, the Needham Town Forest, and the Charles River Peninsula are just some of the attractions.

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