Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services in Boston & Newton, MA

Commonwealth Psychology Associates® (CPA) offers a wide range of behavioral health services designed to help clients lead more fulfilling, productive, and healthy lives.

We utilize psychological and behavior change principles to help clients develop goals and implement positive changes in their lives. While we address difficulties clients may be having, we also work with clients to help them identify and employ the many strengths, internal resources, and positive attributes that they possess. Our approach to assessment and treatment includes aspects of Positive Psychology, which focuses more on people’s strengths and abilities than on their weaknesses. We believe that incorporating this approach leads to greater change and lasting benefits for clients.

As well as offering psychotherapy and counseling services for individuals and couples, CPA also specializes in behavioral medicine, psychological & personality testing, and neuropsychological assessment for cognitive concerns and ADHD diagnosis and treatment. Our assessment services help clinicians and clients more quickly identify areas of concern, determine the nature and extent of potential problems, and identify targets for treatment. Together, the clinician and the client can then map out the most effective treatment plan. This process frequently yields a better use of the client’s time, more effective treatment planning, and ultimately, better outcomes.

We have recently expanded our psychiatry team to make it easier to find a psychiatrist near Newton and Boston, MA. Our psychiatrists provide psychiatric assessment and medication management for our clients.

Our behavioral medicine services provide crucial support, tools, and resources for clients who are struggling with health-related concerns or who simply want to focus on improving their physical health. Through services such as stress management, biofeedback, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, our health psychologists help clients achieve the behavioral changes necessary to improve their overall health. We have office locations in Boston’s Back Bay, Financial District, Newton-Watertown, and Newton-Wellesley.

We invite you to review the services that CPA offers and to feel free to call us at (617) 259-1895 or contact us online for more information or to request an appointment.

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