Child & Adolescent Services

CPA has clinicians who specialize in treating children & adolescents.

We accept therapy & counseling clients ages 8 and up.

Children & adolescents who may benefit from therapy include those:

  • Experiencing anxiety or extreme stress related to academic pressure or expectations, perfectionism
  • Showing symptoms of depression, including withdrawal from friends, family, activities
  • Seeming down or sad more often than not
  • Lacking in motivation and energy
  • Having difficulty connecting with peers or making friends
  • Engaging in any self-harm behaviors such as cutting
  • Showing emerging signs of negative body image issues
  • Adjusting to a major life change

It’s common for struggling teens to feel scared, hesitant, or angry in regard to therapy. Parents are often concerned that the idea of therapy will make their child resentful or that he or she will “waste” the appointment by sitting in silence. Our adolescent psychologists know how to help the teens who may need time to settle in.

To learn more, complete our quick and easy Online Intake Form or call us at (617) 259-1895.

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