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Neuropsychological Testing & Evaluation
ADHD Coaching

In addition to stimulant medications for treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), there are also a number of non-medication treatments and other interventions that can reduce the symptoms of ADHD, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), ADHD coaching and Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy. These can be utilized as the primary approach to managing ADHD symptoms or can be used adjunctively with medication.

What are CBT & ADHD Coaching?

CBT is a type of counseling and is typically conducted during weekly meetings with a psychologist. ADHD coaching is similar but can also include telephone contacts and/or more frequent contact if needed. CBT and ADHD coaching can help clients learn to better manage symptoms of ADHD and reduce their negative impact on daily functioning. By working with an ADHD specialist, clients can learn to develop behaviors and strategies that will maximize their strengths and minimize symptoms and their consequences.

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