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Neuropsychological Testing & Evaluation
Concussion-Related Concerns

Neuropsychological testing is a useful tool for assessing cognitive problems that can result from brain injury.

A neuropsychological evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of cognitive and behavioral functions using a set of standardized tests and procedures.

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Neuropsychological testing can take several hours to complete but it is an interesting process and the time will go very fast. You will be asked to do a number of different kinds of exercises that might feel like puzzles and games. The evaluation will utilize paper-and-pencil or computerized types of tests (no needles or wires!) that measure cognitive abilities such as:

  • Learning & Memory
  • Language & Communication
  • Attention & Concentration
  • Information Processing Speed
  • Planning & Organizing
  • Problem-solving
  • Visual Perception

Based on the neuropsychological evaluation and other clinical information, our neuropsychologists identify a client’s cognitive strengths, learning style, and potential areas of cognitive weakness. The neuropsychologist will then recommend interventions including individualized strategies for overcoming difficulties and might also make referrals for other services such as psychotherapy or psychopharmacological treatment, if needed.

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