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All couples, married or not, experience conflict in their relationships.

While conflict and difficulties are not necessarily harmful, the mismanagement of them can often cause anger, resentment, and disengagement to escalate.

In turn, increased anger and resentment can erode closeness and connection, leaving couples feeling as if there is no longer love or attraction in the relationship. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With resolution of conflict, many couples can regain their connection, rekindle their romance, and derive even greater satisfaction from their relationship.

How can an unhappy or distressed couple get to a healthier place in their relationship? Learning to manage conflict in helpful, constructive ways, rather than harmful ways, is a key component of successful couple’s therapy.

At Commonwealth Psychology Associates® (CPA), we offer couple’s and marriage counseling services to help couples get back on track and have happier relationships. Our psychologists know that each couple and relationship is unique and will work with clients to develop a treatment plan that is specific to their circumstances and needs. As part of the process of couple’s counseling, our clinicians will help couples:

  • Determine core relationship struggles
  • Identify harmful responses to conflict
  • Develop improved conflict management skills
  • Improve overall communication skills
  • Develop shared goals and life visions
  • Create more time for intimacy and fun

Couples counseling and therapy can be challenging work for clients and commitment to the process is essential to obtaining a positive outcome. Couples therapy also is challenging work for clinicians and requires specialized training and knowledge. To ensure that our clients receive the best care, CPA psychologists who provide couples therapy have access to additional couples therapy training & consultation from CPA clinical director, Dr. Edouard Fontenot. This meeting allows our clinicians to receive continuous information and ideas about state of the art treatment options for couples.

If you and your spouse or partner are experiencing distress in your relationship, feel free to call us today, or contact us on-line. We will try to match you with a CPA couple’s therapist who can help you move towards a happier, healthier place in your relationship.

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