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Edouard Fontenot, M.Div, Ph.D.

Chief Clinical Officer   |   North Station, Boston, MA

Dr. Fontenot is the Chief Clinical Officer at CPA. He is a licensed psychologist who has been helping patients improve their lives for nearly 15 years. Dr. Fontenot offers psychotherapy, consultation and coaching for individuals and couples. He works to provide a warm, attentive and interactive psychotherapeutic environment which helps clients deepen their self-understanding, break out of hurtful relationship patterns and develop new modes of thinking, feeling and relating to others. By making these changes, clients often experience greater fulfillment in their lives, as well as a reduction in their symptoms of depression and anxiety. Dr. Fontenot has an interest and expertise in working with:

  • Young adults
  • Men entering psychotherapy for the first time
  • People seeking a better understanding of their sexuality
  • Couples attempting to deepen or rediscover their connection to each other
  • Men and women who are leaders in a business or corporate context
  • Individuals grieving significant losses
  • Men and women who are struggling with a serious medical condition
  • People seeking better physical health through reduced stress
  • People attempting to understand the role of religion or spirituality in their lives

Dr. Fontenot’s focus is on helping persons to feel free, rather than trapped, and to be more connected with others so that they can achieve what they hope for in life, work, and relationships. To this end, he works from an integrative stance which incorporates psychodynamic, cognitive and health psychology perspectives. He has experience working with individuals and couples from many ethnic, racial and class backgrounds, as well as of different sexual orientations.

Dr. Fontenot completed his doctoral work in psychology at Boston University. He previously earned a Master’s degree in theology from Harvard Divinity School. Dr. Fontenot completed his internship training at The Danielsen Institute in Boston, and completed his post-doctoral fellowships at the JRI Trauma Center in Brighton and Two Brattle Center in Cambridge.

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