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Aeromedical Neuropsychological Evaluations

March 22, 2017|Neuropsychological Testing

We are excited to announce a unique addition to our roster of services: Dr. Robyn Kervick, Director of Neuropsychological Testing Services now provides aeromedical neuropsychological evaluations including administration of CogScreen-Aeromedical Edition (CogScreen-AE) for pilots, pilot candidates, and aviation professionals.

CogScreen-AE is a computerized battery of tests that is almost like an intense series of puzzles or games. Designed to provide information about thinking and motor skills related to flying, the tests require a high level of concentration, quick reflexes, and precision while multi-tasking. Memory, language, attention, problem-solving, thinking speed, visual perception, reaction time, and personality may all be evaluated as well. Despite Boston being a hub for many airlines and recreational pilots, there are few CogScreen providers in Massachusetts. We are pleased to be able help meet the demand for this service.

Last fall, Dr. Kervick attended the fourth annual Aeromedical Psychology Conference in Denver, CO.  There she received specialty training in FAA evaluations (including time in a flight simulator!) and became approved as a CogScreen provider. Dr. Kervick was raised in a family of aviators and has a unique understanding of the importance of these assessments to a pilot’s professional life. For many pilots, aviation isn’t just a career – it’s a way of life. She is pleased to be able to give back to the aviation community in a professional capacity.

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