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Brain Research is New Frontier: One Mind for Research.

June 7, 2011|

A new organization may change our lives and our futures.

A new mega research organization aims to bring together leading neuroscience researchers, taking them out of research silos and into a unified, collective effort to cure brain disorders and diseases. Their ambitious goals, should they come to pass, could bring treatments and cures for a multitude of neurological and brain-related problems typically categorized as psychiatric in nature.

Excerpt from Boston Globe article:

Using his family name and his extensive list of contacts, [Patrick] Kennedy, 43, has cofounded an initiative with California businessman and philanthropist Garen Staglin, who has raised millions of dollars for brain research since his son was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The new organization, One Mind for Research, aims to hasten cures for neurological disorders by bringing together scientists, policy makers, and advocates to improve funding, awareness, and research of the brain. The project, which held a three-day symposium last month, includes a 10-year campaign to raise $500 million a year from private philanthropy and $1 billion in federal funding.

Click here for Boston Globe article

Click here for One Mind for Research Page

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