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Formal Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

February 8, 2018|Practice News

Commonwealth Psychology Associates® is proud to present our formal statement on diversity and inclusion to live alongside our mission and values statement:

At Commonwealth Psychology Associates® we are committed to caring for all members of our community regardless of social identity, including religion, race, sex, gender identity, gender expression, disability, color, age, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. We believe that providing the very best health care is inextricably linked with creating and sustaining an environment in which all of our community members feel acknowledged, included, and affirmed.

Two employee-driven events were catalysts for compelling us to create this statement and to publicly make this commitment. The first was a company-wide mission & values project. Through a series of several all-staff meetings, we worked to brainstorm and refine our mission statement and the core values of CPA. The second was a continuing education presentation by Dr. Allyson Livingstone on the topic of privilege and oppression, and how social identity plays a role in the clinical therapeutic relationship.

Our staff feels inspired and motivated to work earnestly to improve inclusivity in our practice by clearly stating our intentions and devising a strategy to achieve them. A Diversity & Inclusion Task Force was assembled and sought Dr. Livingstone’s consultation. We arrived at our inclusion statement after several hours of listening, talking, and education.

The Task Force remains active and is reviewing recruiting strategies to foster diverse hires, building a more inclusive workplace, refining training on diversity, inclusion, and social identity, and implementing an anti-discrimination policy.

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