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Healthy Heart Month

February 1, 2016|By Dr. Mary Anderson|Health Psychology

A Healthy Heart in 2016 

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, but heart disease is preventable and controllable.”

This powerful information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges us to recognize the profound importance of caring for our heart health. Click here for more.

Additionally, the American Heart Association offers specific strategies to proactively try to prevent heart disease in their “How to Help Prevent Heart Disease – At Any Age”.

This February, which is officially American Heart Month, is a great time to ask ourselves if we are making choices that protect our hearts, our health, and our overall well-being.

Encouraging Awareness & Action:  What is one heart-healthy choice you can make today?

Excellent Online Resource: The American Psychological Association (APA) discusses how psychologists can assist people who are trying to manage heart disease in: “Maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle.” Click here to check it out.


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