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Eat More Fish, Save Your Heart. Link Between Nutrition and Heart Health Clear.

January 28, 2012|

A study of women ages 50 to 79 (average age 63) found that those who ate at least 5 servings of boiled or baked dark fish (salmon, bluefish, mackerel) per week had a 30% lower risk of heart failure than women who ate one or no servings per month. Importantly, white fish (sole, snapper, cod) and tuna did not offer the same benefit. And, more importantly, eating fried fish actually increased the chance of heart failure.

So, be sure to put some dark fish on tonight’s menu!

And, if you would like to learn more about eating healthier, a consultation with a registered dietitian and nutritionist can be especially helpful

Reported online May 24, 2011 in Circulation: Heart Failure.

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