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Procrastinating at Work? Overwhelmed or ADHD?

February 26, 2012|

A new article in the New York Times discusses procrastination and what to do about it.

The article offers helpful ideas and perspectives but does not address the possibility that procrastination may reflect an attention deficit disorder.

If you tend to procrastinate and wonder whether you may have ADHD, we offer diagnostic testing and treatment for ADHD.

Excerpts from article:

SINCE time began, it seems, people have been putting off till tomorrow what they could have done today — berating themselves and inconveniencing others in the process.

It wouldn’t be a problem except that time eventually runs out. “You may delay, but time will not,” said Benjamin Franklin.

In the world of work, procrastination has “expensive and visible costs,” saidRory Vaden, a corporate trainer, who points to research showing that the average employee admits to wasting two hours a day on nonwork tasks.

People know that procrastination hurts themselves, others and their work, so why do they do it? One answer, especially in these times, is that they are overwhelmed, said Julie Morgenstern, a productivity consultant in New York and author of “Time Management From the Inside Out.”

Read more at: Procrastinating at Work? Maybe You’re Overwhelmed –

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