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Friendly Workplace Linked to Longer Life.

August 11, 2011|Uncategorized

Making friends at work and having a friendly, supportive workplace can help you live longer.

Where you work and who you work with can have significant effects on your overall health and well-being, according to a recent study published in “Health Psychology.”  Check out the excerpt below to learn more. And, if you’re stressed out from an unfriendly workplace, stress management counseling might also be helpful.


Researchers at Tel Aviv University found that people who felt that they had the support of their colleagues and generally positive social interactions at work were less likely to die over a 20-year period than those who reported a less friendly work environment. Over all, people who believed they had little or no emotional support in the workplace were 2.4 times as likely to die during the course of the study compared with the workers who developed stronger bonds with their peers in other cubicles.

[Between 1998 and 2008], 53 of the [820] workers taking part [in the study] had died; most of them had cast their work support networks in a negative light. Though correlation doesn’t equal causation and it is difficult to tie the causes of those deaths to specific factors in such a study, the researchers discovered some findings that surprised them.

One thing they noticed was that the risk was only affected by a person’s relationship with his or her peers, and not with that person’s supervisors. The way people viewed their relationships with their bosses had no impact on mortality.

In an age in which many people interact with colleagues only through electronic communication, Dr. Toker said she believed many companies could foster more socially supportive workplaces by encouraging face-to-face exchanges. Among the ways of doing that, she said, are holding regular social outings for employees, designating “coffee corners” where people can chat over breaks and creating peer-assistance programs that allow workers to discuss issues or problems in confidence.

To view the full article visit: Friendly Workplace Linked to Longer Life –

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