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Stress Management & Counseling for Adolescents and Parents

September 22, 2015|Child & Adolescent

CPA is proud to provide stress management and counseling services for adolescents 12+ up and their parents in our Newton Corner office.

More than ever, middle & high school students have busy schedules filled with academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, and social events. There can be perceived pressure to get good (or better) grades, have the perfect college application & be accepted into a prestigious school, or make the varsity team. It’s not uncommon for teens to experience intense stress and anxiety as they try to balance it all. Therapy can be an excellent resource for learning valuable stress management skills that will help them navigate their obligations in a more balanced way.

Adolescents who may benefit from therapy include those:

  • Experiencing anxiety or extreme stress related to academic pressure or expectations, perfectionism
  • Showing symptoms of depression, including withdrawal from friends, family, activities
  • Seeming down or sad more often than not
  • Lacking in motivation and energy
  • Having difficulty connecting with peers or making friends
  • Engaging in any self-harm behaviors such as cutting
  • Showing emerging signs of negative body image issues

Parenting is no easy task and the teen years can be particularly stressful on parents who may be balancing work, family, and activities.

Therapy can help parents:

  • Learn stress management techniques to live a more balanced life
  • Learn how to communicate better with your child
  • Understand when to push your child and when to take a step back
  • Address the fear of failure and learn how to set your child up for success long term

What if my teen is unwilling to go to therapy?

It’s common for struggling teens to feel scared, hesitant, or angry in regard to therapy. Parents are often concerned that the idea of therapy will make their child resentful or that he or she will “waste” the appointment by sitting in silence. Our therapists know how to help the teens who may need time to settle in.

It’s okay to give therapy a “try out.” A common misperception is that once you begin therapy, you’re committed for the long haul. With adolescents especially it’s okay to try it out for 5-6 sessions to see how it goes. This amount of time is often enough to know if therapy will lead to successful progress or to acknowledge that perhaps therapy at this time is not the best fit.

To inquire about services and availability, please give us a call at (617) 259-1895 or fill out our quick online form HERE. We look forward to hearing from you. We’re here to help.

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